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Bloody Call…hmm.. Well this was one of the few Otome games that I actually enjoyed. It was a little predictable though. Well your father is the leader of a weird organization – type – thing, but you don’t know about it. But whenever your father dies, he asks Reimei and Shirou to go find you so you could be the next leader. However, When they do find you, they notice you don’t have the cat-like eyes that symbolizes that you have “power”. The whole game is just a fight between the good guys (Bloody Call) and the bad guys (NEDE).

This also has a little violence and blood…hence the title. I would reommend this to 13+ players.

This is Jin; my favorite ^_^ He’s kinda like a Tsundere…which is why he’s my favorite. x3 He also has that Protecting type thing hidden…so he’s like PERFECT! here’s my fav guys in order. Jin -> Reimei -> Cain -> Shirou -> Wataru -> Kyou

The whole game is fantastic, from the art to the storyline to the characters mixed with some good ol’ violence…this is just….a perfect otome game.

Layout it fair, gameplay is great, and config is good. I’m satisfied with them making only the heroine’s head in the textbox. I’m more focused on the actual sprites now. So that’s good.

ANNDD they have more than one pose and clothing for each character so that makes it a whole lot better. It works with AGTH too lol

anyway so that wraps it up for this otome game review. Be sure to check out my other blog posts and continue expecting more because Garnet Cradle and Starry Sky ~ In Winter is coming up next. And recommendations are greatly appreciated!





I’ve recently found the Starry Sky ~ In Spring English Patch. I’m trying to hold my excitement in so I can write this update. It’s very hard to-



ehem….so….the people who translated it wishes to be anonymous, but you can download the patch here

and i found it on this site ->

here’s some pics to prove it!

I warn you though, you need the original game in order for it to work. You can easily find the torrent for it on Hongfire (again, be very careful on that site) Once you have it downloaded, install it into the folder the original game is in, then everything should be set! Have fun! 😀

The fandisc of Garnet Cradle…What should I think of this? Well I think a better name for it is Garnet Cradle ~ Random Christmas Special. Yeah. The whole thing is pretty much about Christmas! I think maybe I should’ve played the original Garnet Cradle first…But I’m doing that now [expect CGs for it!]

Well…the story is about a girl named Miku (you) whose trapped in a snow globe – type  – thing…Anyway, it was apparently a punishment for the princes’ actions. So they have to collect ornament thingies and decorate some christmas tree in order to save her….wow…

I don’t think that it’s pointless. I Kinda think it’s cute actually! ^_^ the story is…weird but interesting and the art and gameplay is AWESOME! Spica should keep this artist :3

This is Sou…my favorite. For some reason, Sou is the least favorite of most. Meh, their loss. I think he’s cute ^_^ I’ve always had a soft spot for the guys who always try to protect the heroine. Those are third my favorite type of guys (Tsundere at first, with Shota at a close second).

This is one of my fav scenes in the game. ^///^ I just love Sou! hehe

ok i’m getting off topic here..

Ugh…i know he’s like a Tsundere…but i just don’t like this guy…maybe i would’ve liked him better if they didn’t make him all Neko-ish. I’m not a big fan of the “Neko” guys…unless they’re Shota. Anyway, he just pisses me off for some reason…and he’s the most like one! I don’t know why people like him so much…and then they hate Sou! What is wrong with people?!

People like the guys i hate, and hate the guys i like…what the heck?!

Game layout is good. Voice actors are good. Scenes…meh. Usually you can hold down control and skip through the boring parts…but with this you can’t…So i had to sit there clicking and clicking through parts I could barely understand (i only know SOME Japanese) So that was a turnoff…

Usually in otome games, it’s only the heroine’s face near the text box because we can’t see her. However the put all characters heads in the text box. That means we are focusing on the bottom part of the screen and not looking at the actual characters. They should work on that.

Overall the game was good and cute, I recommend it to all ages. ^_^



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